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Somewhere between the incandescent dreams cascading through my subconscious, and the derisive reality signifying eternal discontent, I ride a wavelength above conceptualization, but below the apex of understanding, awaiting an epiphany.

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Posted by Helbereth - June 28th, 2010

"Hapiness can only be found if you can free yourself of all other distractions."
~Saul Bellow

That's sound advice. However we live in a modern world where 50% of the gross national product seems to be in the creation and use of products and services intended to distract us from our modern lives. Distractions keep us from working on the things we should, and ultimately result in not getting anything done.

That has been my folly for some time now.

The particular brand of distraction matters not; it can be any activity or pursuit from fantasy football and gambling to video games and politics (did I just call politics a distraction, and therefore a waste of time? Yes, yes I did.) My brand of distraction comes in the form of a particularly nasty digital medium - the MMORPG - specifically World of Warcraft.

I know what you're thinking: he's a nerd, geek, dork, fanboy, lazy, fat, basement-dwelling, friendless, pasty, egghead with a lovely singing voice. OK, I threw that last one in for comic effect... but at least some of the others aren't true. The point is, you're probably right... kinda.

WoW is my addiction. I've accepted that. I've moved on. All I need to figure out now is how to incorporate that addiction into the rest of my life and I'll be even again. It's hard to do, though. I've tried weaning myself, but I spend 12 hours a day sitting at the computer anyway, so I have lots of opportunity. I also have a bit of ADD, I think... what's that? Ooh shiny!

Where was I? Right! My other problem is that I'm a vefry messy person. If you've ever seen Jurassic Park try to recall what Dennis Nedry's workstation looked like. Mine isn't quite that bad, but sometimes I have trouble seeing my own desk under the clutter.

If I clear that clutter away, I'm still without a proper, stable place to rest my tablet which means I have to hold it while I draw. If you've never seen a Wacom Intuos tablet, allow me to paint the picture for you: Imagine having a legless coffee table sitting in your lap resting precariously against the edge of your desk. Every time you move it moves... and it causes that line you were just drawing to shoot off across the screen. Multiply that by 1000 times in a 2 hour drawing session and you wind up being frustrated and need to unwind... and WoW is right there calling your name... promising hours of relief whirlwinding through countless undead in Icecrown.

When I'm bored or uninspired, I play WoW. When I'm frustrated or tired, I play WoW. When I'm sick and tired of screwing up drawings, I play WoW. When it's raid night (every tues-thur @ 9pm-12am)... I play WoW, duh. So I really think I need to improve my work area so I don't get frustrated and need to indulge my addiction. Maybe then I'd be a little freer from distractions and be able to concentrate on some Flash.


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