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Well, let's see... Reused, out of place joke from a good movie. Poorly acted. Bad music. OOC premise. At best this unoriginal diversion is practice, and not worth exposing to an audience, so how did it find itself on the front page?

If this isn't on the front page in the near future, there's something wrong with this site. Well done, sir. I'm going to enjoy life on planet Paper.

haitam responds:

Thanks and have fun !

It's got a lot of good in it...

The visuals are epic, and the 3D designs for the various characters are spot-on. The setting - a deathmatch in an undisclosed location - is great. The music is ok, though it doesn't really set the pace correctly.

However, the sound effects (body hits, weapons fire, etc.) are all kinda muffled and some are mistimed. Even a lot of the voices sound like they were recorded from inside a water tank. Perhaps it's a question of compression or whatnot, but the sound leaves something to be desired.

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The place with the 5 platforms that I assume are activated by the crystals in your possession didn't all work. Even though I had all 5 crystals, only 3 of them activated.

Otherwise a decent game. Fix the code, though.

lukethompsondesign responds:

Hey Helbereth,

False assumption. The crystals activate the cage on the far left of the lava section. The platforms are activated by rescuing 5 brothers.

Its flaws make it really lose points.

The game runs nicely and might even be playable if it weren't for the completely idiotic control setup. One of the main things about using the portal gun is being able to shoot either portal, and having the two portals set to Q and E is just plain stupid. My fingers don't work that way.

Is it possible to allow the player to change the keybinds? This might be playable if that were the case. I'd have my two portals set up as 4 and 5 - then i might actually be able to complete a puzzle without hitting the wrong portal button and having to start over.

Also, the crushing death things are kinda cool, but because of the glitchy portal shooting mechanics, it's pretty easy to get RNGed to death.

Overall not a complete failure, but bad controls and unbalanced design leave something to be desired.

needs work

The ship loses attitude control really fast and it's near impossible to correct, the all stop button doesn't work, and most of the time I feel like I'm just being whipped around that central hub. if I ever had to aim at something I'd never be able to point the lasers at it in time.

The radar is useless. The perspective is too close (the ship should be much more distant). Anything that might be nearby you wouldn't be able to see (and the radar wouldn't help).

The HUD should be along the bottom of the screen (I didn't even see it there until some time after i started floating around space like a lost moth).

The physics are pretty good, but they need tweaking to make the ship controllable.

The background (starfield) moves convincingly at least, but it's a tad bland.

Keep working on it, though. This might make a cool space game.

One suggestion would be for there to be a tactical interface (ever play star raiders) where you could look over the nearby sectors to seek out enemy ships. I'm not sure what kind of game you're making though...

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One of the better Warcraft-based songs I've heard (and I've heard a LOT).

Downloaded, five'd, and ten'd.

Reachground responds:


Thanks for taking your time!

Take care

I'll be taking that...

I've been going through using an add-on to put some of my own flavor in the music of WoW (Soundtrack), and this will work nicely as Tavern music.

I'd give you a 10, but I'm a little biased about Paladins.

Hints of MK and The Matrix, too...

Nice Track. Very neo-modern battle theme... something you might hear in a post-apocalyptic fantasy game. It also could have made a decent substitute for the crazy motorcycle theme from FF7.

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Actually to clear it up for Kintaroto; breasts are about 95% fat deposits, so they will generally float like a cork especially if they're so ridiculously over-sized. They probably wouldn't work like a flotation device unless they're actually larger than the body they're attached to, but, as TheGoreMaster said, they're magic. However if they're fake (saline or silicone, doesn't matter), they'll sink like rocks.

There's an odd innocence written in her expression that makes this seem more like she got to that point accidentally - like she started out the day trying some new spells and didn't really know what she was doing, so she ended up making her breasts huge, her clothes disappear and she teleported into a lake. That's just my brain making stuff up, though.

Is her right foot (the one we see on the left) broken? I could almost believe that the hair twisting around her ankle has done some horrible damage there. It's twisted inward a little far for that to be natural.

That aside, the question I would ask is; is her hair doing that or is she making her hair do that?

The drawing itself is a little awkward. From the waist up it's mostly fine but she has ginormous hips and I'm not sure if that's intentional or foreshortening gone wrong.

Is terror the reaction I'm supposed to be having? Because I'm terrified at the prospect of that being anywhere near me - I'm simply not sure about her intentions.

Somewhere between the incandescent dreams cascading through my subconscious, and the derisive reality signifying eternal discontent, I ride a wavelength above conceptualization, but below the apex of understanding, awaiting an epiphany.

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